Opening of Outdoor Recreation Year 2015


Hvaler’s official opening of Outdoor Recreation Year 2015 happens on Sunday (Jan. 18), marked on Sjursholmen in Hvaler, a day packed with activities for the whole family - and gives a good taste of outdoor life for both large and small.




Time 1 PM / Date: 18. Jaunary


#Welcome on behalf initiators - Public Health Coordinator Paul Henriksen

#Opening of Outdoor Recreation Year 2015   - Mayor Eivind N Borge

#Short presentation of outdoor action on Hvaler   – Public Health Coordinator Paul Henriksen

#Ages into the light; About homesteads and slipways - Project for Medieval project in Østfold; Anne-Sophie Hygen

#Treasure Hunt and knot-course - Natural Supervisor SNO; Marit Winther-Janson


Outdoor Recreation Year 2015

Use of outdoor activity provides good experiences, improved quality of life, better health and a richer life. Outdoor Recreation Year 2015 is a national celebration of Norwegian outdoor life. Year provides a unique opportunity to showcase the breadth of outdoor activity, and give all the people ownership of nature.


Outdoor Recreation Year 2015 is part of the National Strategy for an active outdoor life as Ministry of the Environment (KLD) presented in August 2013. Outdoor Recreation Year has previously been held in 1993 and 2005.

The opening of Outdoor Recreation Year 2015 marked on Sjursholmen on Kirkøy island.

In addition to being one of Hvaler most attractive recreation areas, is  Sjursholmen one of the areas that have old homesteads and slipways, and which is now being cleared as part of the county council Medieval Project. In addition to maintenance in the area, it comes in these days in place new information boards. 


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